Jim Cornette Shares A Memory Of Vince McMahon Helping Him

On the most recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Jim, and his co-host Brian Last discussed a number of topics. During their conversation, the former WWE manager spoke about Vince McMahon, and revealed a kind gesture from the WWE Chairman to himself. Jim talked about leaving his former workplace to go join the WWE, and told listeners:

“When I moved up there to Connecticut in 1996 after the Smoky Mountain adventure my credit was not what it has been for most of my life. It wasn’t anything to write home about. My credit’s shot so he said, “Pal, just pay the rent upfront!” “What?” “Just pay her a year’s rent upfront.” “Well I can’t do that.” He said, “Call the office!” He advanced me $25,000 on my salary that year to pay the f****** year’s rent on the house in advance so that I could have the house. Well that was awful nice”.

(H/T and transcribed by S/KWrestling)

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