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Jim Ross Blog: Jericho & Sin Cara Backstage Fight, Hogan/WM33 Rumors

In the latest edition of his blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross wrote about the physical altercation that took place on the WWE overseas tour between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara.

“Chris said it was largely about nothing and that it resembled more of a scuffle than a full fledged fight. Sin Cara threw one punch and then the minor melee was broken up. Tensions often times rise on these extended, international tours which can bring out the worst in people. This scrap apparently occurred on the bus in route to Glasgow. At the end of the day, it was seemingly much to do about not that much on a slow news day online.”

Additionally, “Good Ole’ JR’ touched on the recent rumors that WWE legend Hulk Hogan could be making his return at next year’s WrestleMania 33 event in Orlando, Florida. This, of course, would be the first time “The Hulkster” has appeared on WWE programming since being erased from the company’s history after a mainstream racism scandal.

“Seems like good marketing to me and something I that I’d concur with without any reservations. Hogan’s an icon, the Babe Ruth of his era, and would appeal to many fans who will engage the April 2, 2017 event. I think that it would be fun for many fans to see the red and yellow front and center at Wrestlemania because after all he did have a significant hand in helping build the brand that changed the business.”

Check out JR’s complete blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com. You can also check out JR’s weekly “Ross Report” podcast every Tuesday evening at PodcastOne.com.

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