Jim Ross Goes On Twitter Rant About WWE's Kofi Kingston Storyline (3/27/2019)

Jim Ross Criticizes WWE For Using Race In Kofi/Bryan Storyline, Fans Blast J.R.

Jim Ross isn’t the biggest fan of the way WWE is handling the Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan storyline heading into their WWE Championship showdown at WrestleMania 35.

J.R. went back-and-forth with some fans on social media after posting a tweet criticizing WWE for bringing race into the Kingston/Bryan storyline.

“Race should never have been brought into the [Kofi Kingston] storyline,” wrote Ross via his official Twitter page this week. “It’s a classic, underdog story. Race, Religion & Politics have no place on rasslin tv, IMO.”

One fan responded, sharing his belief that race is a big reason why the Kingston storyline is resonating with fans. Ross replied to that fan by saying, “Only because the racial component was so strongly introduced within the storyline….IMO.”

Another fan pointed out how race, religion, politics and “other unnecessary bullsh*t” being part of pro wrestling storylines is a long standing tradition in the business.

To that, “Good Ole’ J.R.” responded, “I realize that, Chris. But that doesn’t mean a short biz entity should attempt to voluntarily add race, religion or politics to a rasslin story. IMO.”

This led to even more back-and-forth with Jim Ross and fans on Twitter talking about this topic. Ross ended up posting six more comments about this topic, exchanging comments with fans who argued his initial claim about race being involved in the Kingston/Bryan storyline.

Check out all of the tweets Jim Ross posted regarding the subject below.

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