WWE Attitude Era

Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff & Bully Ray Debate True Starting Point Of WWE’s Infamous “Attitude Era”

Several legendary names from competing pro wrestling promotions took to social media to debate the true starting point of the infamous WWE Attitude Era in a big social media session that broke out this weekend.

Former WWE SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff responded to a fan on Twitter asking why he hated the late 90s being identified as the Attitude Era. The 64-year old veteran writes, “Because the Attitude Era was nothing more than a derivative (I’m being elegant) of the nWo and Nitro era which forced WWE to abandon their previous creative strategy and presentation to compete with a new formula.”

Bully Ray would then jump into the conversation, claiming that ECW was the real influence to both companies prior to the 90s boom. He even reminds Bischoff that fans continue to chant ECW at arenas.

And, the nWo, Nitro and Attitude Era were nothing more than a derivative of the ECW era. ECW was the Napster of the wrestling business. Both co’s may have gone out of business…but both co’s revolutionized their respective industries. Fans still chant ECW. Not WCW or WWE.

AEW senior adviser and head commentator Jim Ross would also jump into the conversation by writing, “Uh…that would be Mid-South wrestling.”

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