Jim Ross Has A Warning For WWE Stars After The Superstar Shake-up, Talks Nakamura & Styles

Jim Ross says he’s a fan of WWE’s Superstar Shake-up concept that saw several wrestlers move between the RAW and SmackDown rosters this week. On his blog at JRsBarBQ.com, the WWE Hall of Famer wrote that he’s in-favor of WWE freshening up the rosters and creating new rivalries. J.R. thinks WWE “got their choices right” with their roster trades, but says it’s up to the talent to make it work. He says this is an opportunity for some members of the roster to “hit the reset button,” and warns talent not to fall into a comfort zone if they want to have long careers.

“I love fresh starts for talents especially if they seize the moment and refuse to ‘settle,'” Ross wrote. “Competitive athletes generally embrace these fresh chances and new opportunities and those that don’t are often times prisoners of their own comfort zone which means that they have essentially stopped growing and are happy to remain status quo.

“Comfort Zones are an enemy to us all no matter what we do for a living,” Ross continued. “Comfort Zones are hazardous to one’s career and if that specific problem can’t be solved it has to be eliminated.”

Ross says that “legit stars” find a way to make the situations given to them by WWE work. He adds that they have to be willing to take chances and improve their game every day to some degree. Ross credits SmackDown stars Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles as being two of the best fan favorites on WWE television.

“Nakamura is the most unique, main event, fan favorite talent that WWE has promoted in years and arguably forever,” Ross wrote. “Asian fan favorites are a rarity in North America but the fans seem to adore the charismatic former MMA star.

“AJ Styles is arguably and potentially the hottest fan favorite currently residing on WWE TV who is not officially on that side of the fence. It’s tough to boo a wrestler in today’s presentation of the genre who is as good as AJ.”

You can read the former WWE Head of Talent Relations’ blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com.

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