Jim Ross fields questions from wrestling fans at JRsBarBQ.com

Jim Ross On Lesnar vs. Shamrock, Kane’s WWE Retirement, Reigns

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of his official website, fielding and answering questions from pro wrestling fans on a wide variety of topics. Below are some of the highlights.

On who would win a fight in their prime: Brock Lesnar or Ken Shamrock: “It would be a helluva fight but Lesnar’s size advantage would be hard for Ken to overcome. But to say that Brock would have no chance is questionable.”

On Kane having a retirement match in WWE: “I have no idea but I’d assume that if Kane wants a retirement match that WWE will readily accommodate him.”

On Roman Reigns and the crowd reactions he gets: “Reigns is a work in progress and I am not concerned whether he is a fan favorite or villain. I like his work and his TV persona will continue to evolve.”

On Billy Corgan buying the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA): “Billy is a friend and I hope that he maximizes his investment. I am still not sure what he bought or what his long term plans are for the NWA but I’m pulling for Billy and company.”

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