Jim Ross On Lex Luger: “You Can’t Live Off Physique Alone”

On a recent episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross discussed former WWE and WCW talent Lex Luger. During the discussion, Jim shared his opinion of the “Total Package,” and explained why Luger’s physique failed to match his in-ring ability. Ross told listeners:

“You can’t live off physique alone,” Ross said. “You can’t, and I think for years and years that’s where he was put. He was always put in that position. Finishes, programs were affected, and if he hadn’t looked so wonderful and overpowering, the creative process would’ve slowed down so his skill set could catch up with his push. That was always the biggest issue to me that hurt him. His look superseded his skill level.”

During his main event run with WWE, Luger battled Yokozuna for the WWF title twice, falling in defeat each time. Lex also shared a Royal Rumble victory with Bret Hart.

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