AJ Styles

Jim Ross Predicts AJ Styles Will Soon Be WWE’s Top Babyface Superstar

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com and shared his belief that AJ Styles will soon be one of WWE’s top babyface Superstars.

“It seems easy to predict that by year’s end, if not before, that AJ Styles will be WWE’s most popular in ring star as the grass roots feedback that AJ is receiving from WWE fans should resonate as legit, market research,” Ross wrote. “It’s hard for highly skilled, physical talents who do amazing athletic things, like AJ and Neville, for example, to be able to get the fans in mass to boo them. What’s not to like?”

JR also commented on reality storylines that don’t lead to an eventual payoff of some kind.

“Talents involved in reality based storylines will often times register with the TV viewer but will also become afterthoughts if there is no clear cut road to a ‘pay off,'” wrote Ross. “I.E. will Renee Young eventually get physical with Maryse? I’d watch as many of us enjoy the occasional ‘train wreck.'”

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