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Jim Ross Recalls Infamous Violent Backstage Brawl Between Two Wrestling Legends Early In His Career

Jim Ross is quite the story-teller.

On a recent episode of his “Grilling JR” podcast, the WWE Hall Of Fame legend and AEW commentator once again put that particular skill on display.

“Good Ole’ JR” sounded off on his latest weekly podcast with an interesting story about late pro wrestling legend Butch Reed, who as noted, recently passed away at age 66 due to heart complications.

Featured below is the tale as told by the Boomer Sooner regarding an infamous backstage fight between Butch Reed and John Nord at a pro wrestling event.

“John Nord, Nord The Barbarian and other names but John Nord, big rugged guy, looked good. He and Butch [Reed] got into a fight backstage and beat the sh*t out of each other. So when they got to Tulsa [Oklahoma], their faces were bruised and they had black eyes and busted lips and they looked like they’d been in a fight. So Cowboy [Bill Watts] in Cowboy’s own nimble way, made them fight again to ‘get it out of their system.’ The last thing they wanted to do. Their hands were hurting, their faces were hurting, they had been in a legit fight and Cowboy wanted them to fight again. He said, ‘Or, you could shake hands and commit this is an issue, a dead issue, will never happen again and we’re done with it. So either way, finish your fight or admit you both screwed up because you could’ve — I have both you guys on a TV show tonight, so what if you couldn’t have wrestled because you beat the sh*t out of each other for no money with no audience?’ So that was Cowboy’s deal and Butch — quite frankly, Butch and Nord both were ready to fight again. They were just so sore. We don’t think about how somebody’s hands get messed up fighting in that regard. He didn’t have any tape on, any gloves. So they’re just sore as sh*t and I just thought Cowboy made an interesting call there, but the good news is that he laid the law down, they understood what the law was, they never had any more issues. So they got it out of their system. But that was Bill and his mindset but this shows you also the toughness of Butch. Butch was ready to fight Nord again if necessary, but John Nord’s a big guy. You remember Conrad [Thompson] how big he was. He was 300 pounds, 6’5 or so. He’s a big monster, so they were beating the hell out of — they were hammering each other. Flesh on flesh and the flesh don’t win on this one.”

Check out the complete episode of the Grilling JR podcast featuring Jim Ross at Apple.com.


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