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Jim Ross Reveals He Has No Cancer, He Is Alive And Life Is Good

AEW announcer and Senior Advisor “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross recently took to his “Grilling Jr” podcast to talk about a number of topics such as how he no longer has cancer and that he is alive and life is good. The AEW announcer also talked about how he will be starting some treatment by next week and how he is blessed and better than he previously was.

Jim Ross said:

“I had a good week regarding my cancer issues. I’m going to start next week with some treatment. I can’t remember what the thing is called. I want to say hyperbaric chamber or something. Something along those lines. I’m going on Tuesday for my first test run and see how that’s gonna work. They think it will speed up the healing, and if it does, then I win. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a few wins in this project, so at least we’re making some progress there. I still think it’s going to be about a year of healing this wound. I’m just tired of dressing it, undressing it, medicating and all this sh*t. In any event, life is good. I’m alive. I have no cancer and I’m just healing these burns, and that’s what they are. It looks like I got caught on fire or something. So it’s looking a lot better than it did. So anyway. I’m blessed. I’m better than I was.”

You can check out Jim Ross’ comments at this link. H/T to WrestlingNews.co for transcribing the above quotes.

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