Jim Ross Says Baron Corbin Is A Future WWE Main-Eventer, Talks Nakamura On SmackDown

WWE Hall of Famer and WrestleMania 33 guest announcer Jim Ross wrote a new blog on JRsBarBQ.com where he talks about SmackDown stars Baron Corbin and Shunsuke Nakamura. Ross says he has high hopes for Corbin, and thinks the former NFL offensive lineman and Golden Gloves boxing champion will headline pay-per-views one day.

“Baron Corbin is improving at a good pace,” Ross wrote. “If he can continue to push himself athletically and in the ring psychology department, which is mostly on him, Corbin is a future main event talent for sure.”

Nakamura made his debut on SmackDown this week, and Ross says he loved it. The former WWE VP of Talent Relations thinks Nakamura will advance quickly into the main event picture on SmackDown, especially if he can improve his English a bit for promos. Ross says he doesn’t think Nakamura needs a manager as a mouthpiece, but that he would be more effective if he can communicate more with the audience.

You can read Ross’ entire blog post where he further discusses SmackDown at JRsBarBQ.com.

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