Jim Ross Says WWE Should Give Samoa Joe A Universal Title Run, Talks Strowman

In a recent blog entry on JRsBarBQ.com, WWE Hall of Famer sang the praises of Samoa Joe. Joe recently moved from NXT to RAW, and Ross says the former TNA Champion is one of his favorite talents in the wrestling business. J.R. wrote that Joe’s appearances on RAW have been impressive so far, and offered an idea of how he would creatively handle Joe’s character.

“Goldberg vs Lesnar at [WrestleMania 33] for Universal Title, Lesnar wins, Lesnar is the Champ until [he meets Samoa Joe],” Ross suggested. “Builds to a Kevin Owens versus Samoa Joe rivalry around the title that could be epic.”

Ross is also impressed with how WWE has been building up Braun Strowman on RAW. The former VP of Talent Relations says Strowman’s size and agility can’t be manufactured, and he feels the company will have to make creative sacrifices with other characters to “protect” Strowman from on-air losses.

“I think WWE will [get Strowman over], but much of that is up to the talent to seize this moment and focus completely on improving his fundamental, bell to bell, skill set and continuing to grasp the ‘feel’ for the business,” Ross wrote. “At times, Strowman reminds me of Big Bubba Rogers when he first burst upon the scene. Big Bubba was made to be very special thanks to Dusty Rhodes booking. I like Strowman’s chances.”

You can read Ross’ entire blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com.

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