Jim Ross Talks About Hulk Hogan

Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts On Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE

During a recent episode of his Ross Report podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently spent some time discussing the fact that WWE brought back Hulk Hogan recently following the large mainstream controversy that he was part of. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On Hulk Hogan’s past controversy and being brought back to WWE: “It’s not a surprise! Hey look, what Hogan did is just so sad, and unnecessary, and what a major mistake. I think he knows that. Now, somewhere down this journey of healing, if we find out that Hogan [has] got a different agenda, well, shame on him. I don’t believe that to be true. But I believe I’m willing to stand back and let this whole process play out and see how it works at the end of the day. I don’t know how long we’re supposed to punish somebody for doing something so stupid. It was stupidity and ignorance. How long do you get penalized for stupidity and ignorance? It’s different now than doing bodily harm to somebody. Hey, I watch enough [Law & Order: SVU] with Mariska Hargitay to understand that. So we hope that Hogan has a nice reentry, but congratulations. I’m glad he’s back. Now make me proud that you’re back and do great things. He has an amazing opportunity with his influence and name identity, does Hogan, to leave lasting positive impressions on everybody, no matter their ethnicity.”

On what Hogan’s role will be in WWE and how he likely won’t be wrestling: “Without sounding like an asshole, [Hogan]’ll probably have a [WWE] Hall Of Fame role. PR, he [has] got a lot of ground to cover. He [has] got some fences to mend, some bridges to repair, but that could be done. I don’t see him wrestling again. He’s 65 years old. Now, I’m not knocking the guy. It’s not. ‘J.R., look at you!’ I’m not Hulk Hogan. I never even played him on television. Could Hogan have a one-off somewhere? Of course he could! ‘Well, where do you do that?’ Hell, you do that in New York City at WrestleMania. That’s what you do! But is that what you really need to do? He’s 100 [%]. He [has] got a bad back. He’s a warhorse, man. He [has] been battered and beat up. So I think it’ll be more of a PR role. I’m glad that he’s back and it give him more motivation to make himself better, without a doubt.”

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