Jim Ross Shares His Thoughts On Infamous WWE Storyline

While discussing the May 21st, 2001 episode of Monday Night Raw, Good Ole’ JR criticized a now infamous moment from the show.

Ross spoke about the moment with his Grilling JR co-host, Conrad Thompson, and shared his thoughts on a storyline that involved Triple H, Kane, and Katie Vick, allegedly. Check out what Jim had to say about the touchy subject.

On why he didn’t agree with the Katie Vick storyline:

“That wasn’t even entertaining, it wasn’t funny, it served no purpose really.”

Says Triple H wouldn’t have “chosen” to take part in the story:

“I’m sure if Triple H had the choice to not be involved in it, he would have chosen to no be involved in it”

Why he didn’t have a problem with the use of sexual content:

“Considering that our primary demographic, that the advertisers use to buy advertising on the Network or inside our show are men, 18-34 or 34-49.”

(H/T and transcribed by ITR)

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