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Jim Ross Shares Thoughts On WWE Fastlane PPV, Hardy Boys’ ROH Appearance

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRsBarBQ.com on Monday with his thoughts on The Hardy Boys’ surprise appearance at the ROH event over the weekend, Sunday’s WWE Fastlane pay-per-view and more.

Regarding The Hardys’ and ROH pulling off a surprise appearance, which saw the wrestling brothers capture the ROH Tag-Team Titles, “Good Ole’ J.R.” offered the following take.

“Loved the surprise booking that ROH and the Hardy’s utilized over the weekend with Matt and Jeff winning the ROH Tag Team Titles. I’d speculate that the Hardy’s will still eventually wind up in WWE after WM in Orlando. That ‘marriage’ just makes too much sense, IMO, at this stage of the careers of Matt and Jeff plus WWE could utilize the Hardy’s to help add some much needed sizzle to their tag team scene. If the Hardy’s don’t go to WWE, they will not be missing many paydays as this duo is in demand and their new, TV personas are a hit globally. In any event you can bet that the eventual destination for Matt and Jeff will continue to get heavy social media coverage.”

As far as Sunday’s WWE Fastlane pay-per-view is concerned, the WWE Hall Of Famer and host of the weekly “Ross Report” podcast (Tuesday’s at PodcastOne.com) noted that the show “felt like a better than average” episode of RAW — which he pointed out isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“A solid, show that had its moments but at the end of the day it felt somewhat like a better than average Monday Night Raw presentation which isn’t an indictment by the say. Some of the finishes were a bit perplexing but they can all be better judged as these storylines move forward.”

Check out JR’s full blog from Monday at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com and follow the WWE Hall Of Famer on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

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