Jim Ross On Sid Vicious’ WWE Career

During a recent edition of Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross explained why Two-Time WWE Champion Sid Vicious had such short runs with the promotion. Check out his comments below.

On whether or not Sid could have achieved more in his career:

“Sometimes I think Sid, his tolerance for the travel, and his tolerance for the business in general at times, were not his strong suit… They were not his cup of tea. You wonder if Sid had been able to stay healthy and stay active consistently, how great he could have been and how much money he would have drawn, how much more money he would have drawn, if that would have been able to occur.”

On nixed plans for a feud with Mankind:

“Sid had some injury issues… He had a lot of start and stops, start and stops, unfortunately, and I’m sure not all of them were his fault. Probably most of them weren’t. Hell, I don’t know, but we had to call some audibles. That’s the great thing about Mick – he was ready to go”.

Sid Vicious’ last appearance on WWE television happened back in 2012, during RAW 1000.

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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