Jim Ross Talks AEW Double Or Nothing

On the latest edition of Grilling JR, AEW Commentator Jim Ross shared his thoughts on former WWE Superstars Lio Rush and Mark Henry becoming “All Elite”. Ross also discussed The Young Bucks performance at Sunday’s Double or Nothing event, and more. Check out his comments below.

On Mark Henry signing with All Elite Wrestling:

“He likes helping others. He’s got a good eye for talent, and he’s coachable. He likes to mentor, so that was pretty cool. It gives me credence that the Friday night show, Rampage, is not gonna be a throwaway. I was kind of surprised that Mark got out from under the WWE banner and is coming to work for our team…..it’s a win-win for everybody I believe. Also, it opens the door potentially down the road for Mark to have another match or two. He’s still got the itch. I didn’t see him all day. They had him sequestered all day, and it never leaked or got out. I was pleasantly surprised. He’ll do a real good job.”

On The Young Bucks performance at Double Or Nothing:

“The Young Bucks had a great outing. They really did. They showed….it reminded me of this. It’s a crazy analogy – when Shawn Michaels fought The Undertaker at the first Hell in a Cell. To me, the audience saw a side of Shawn Michaels that equated to toughness and courage, not finesse and just superkicks. I thought that’s what I saw with the Bucks. They weathered the storm with the heavy-hitting Kingston and Moxley, and they were able to rebound and stay in the hunt and not get pinned. And then finally get to the end and win the match. They really grew in my eyes. I always knew they were a great team. But these guys are good. They adjusted their style, and I thought that was really good. It showed a tougher side of those guys. I thought it was one of their best outings.”

On Lio Rush joining All Elite Wrestling:

“I don’t know what Lio’s future is – I don’t know if he’s gonna be on the team or if it’s a one-off. I have no idea. But I’ll say this and I’ve always said it on the show, it’s imperative that we maximize our minutes no matter what we’re doing, especially in performance art. I thought Lio delivered well. He had a lot of energy, and the boys worked with him well. He has loads of charisma. I heard late that he was gonna be the surprise, and I was surprised. But I was pleasantly surprised even more that the crowd knew exactly who he was and they liked him. That’s what you get with a big crowd.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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