Jim Ross

Jim Ross Tells Story Of How His Pro Wrestling Career Originally Started

The Tennessean recently interviewed WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, who was promoting his one-man show scheduled to take place at Zanie’s in Nashville on Wednesday evening.

During the interview, JR spoke about how his legendary pro wrestling career started off way back when as a simple summer job that he never came home from.

“I thought it would be a cool summertime job, learn a lot of stories, and I’d get to travel with these crazy people who wrestle for a living,” Ross said. “Then I would go back to college, graduate with that one semester I needed and call it a day. It’d be one of those over-a-cold-beer stories, ya know?”

Ross continued, “Well that summer job lasted 40-plus years and I just couldn’t or wouldn’t break away and get back to normality to some degree.”

Check out the complete Jim Ross interview at Tennessean.com.

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