Jimmy Korderas

Jimmy Korderas Comments On Rumors Of Kevin Owens To AEW

Jimmy Korderas can envision Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens “turned up to a 12” in All Elite Wrestling.

The longtime pro wrestling referee recently appeared as a guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast for an in-depth interview, during which he addressed rumors of Owens to AEW, the differences in how WWE and AEW markets their product and more.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he shares his thoughts on this subject.

On AEW marketing themselves to young adults and WWE focusing more on the children audience: “I understand it from a business standpoint, looking to the future. Because if you hook these kids early like I was hooked when I was eight, nine years old, five years old, and I’ve been a lifelong fan since then. Now, maybe their mindset is, if we hook these children at a young age, they become lifelong fans. Maybe that’s that mindset from a business standpoint, but then again, if you look at AEW’s business model, they’re catering to that 18-49 demographic. They have bought in completely. And my only concern is that to try to grow their audience, they have to expand past appealing just to that audience with their little inside jabs that they take on their Wednesday night shows and stuff like that. Yes, their audience gets it, but somebody who’s tuning in to watch that may not be a hardcore internet reader, and he watches and goes, ‘I don’t get it. I don’t get why they’re laughing. I don’t get why they’re popping for that.’”

On rumors of Kevin Owens to AEW and envisioning he and Sami Zayn ‘turned up to a 12’ in the company: “I think a lot of it is the allure that AEW seems to be the place where guys have the creative freedom to express themselves as opposed to being handed something. For anybody in this business, that is so appealing. In the world of perception is reality, when people see all these talents exiting and going to the other company, they start thinking, oh, there’s got to be a reason why all these top talents are going there. There’s got to be a reason, so maybe I’m gonna tune in and find out what it is, and then they get to see these talents be themselves, or as Steve Austin used to say it, Stone Cold turned up to 12. Imagine Kevin Owens turned up to a 12, or Sami Zayn turned up to a 12? We’ve already seen Daniel Bryan drop the F bomb. Even when he dropped it, I went, oh, okay, that’s a little different. The only challenge for AEW now is they only have a finite amount of time, three hours of television a week to showcase these talents. Yes, they have their YouTube shows, but it’s not the same as television.”

Check out the complete interview at Apple.com. H/T to WrestlingInc.com for transcribing the above quotes.


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