Jimmy Korderas Says He Doesn’t Want To See Drew McIntyre Get Wardlow-ed If He Ends Up In AEW

Former WWE and pro wrestling veteran referee Jimmy Korderas recently spoke with Inside The Ropes on a number of topics such as how if Drew McIntyre ends up going to AEW then he will definitely get a huge reaction from the AEW crowd because McIntyre is one hell of a talent and he checks all the boxes as a pro wrestler.

Jimmy Korderas said:

“Absolutely, and obviously over there, he’s gonna get the huge response that you want. A lot of rumours circulating around Drew McIntyre — hell of a talent, and you know, he’s in that WWE wheelhouse as far as looks, he’s good on the mic, he checks all the boxes.”

Jimmy Korderas also spoke about how if Drew McIntyre does end up going to AEW then he doesn’t want to see McIntyre get Wardlow-ed or suffer the same fate that he feels Wardlow has right now in AEW, which is a huge missed opportunity from the company and the company dropping the ball on Wardlow.

Jimmy Korderas said:

“I just don’t want him to get Wardlow-ed if he goes over to AEW. I hate using that term, because I think there was a huge missed opportunity with that guy, he was so — I’m not saying that people have tuned on him completely, but he’s nowhere near getting the interest that he should be getting right now. I think they dropped the big ball.”

You can check out Jimmy Korderas’ full comments at this link.

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