Jinder Mahal interview highlights

Jinder Mahal On Biggest Competition In WWE, Dream Opponent & More

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently took part in an international media conference call. Below are some of the highlights, courtesy of SportsKeeda.com.

On beating the odds to be where he is today compared to when he was one of the members of 3MB during his previous WWE run: “We’re proof – me, Heath and Drew (former members of 3MB) – are proof that anything is possible, it doesn’t matter where you are on the card. You could be the opening match, it is possible to get to the top of the card, through hard work. WWE is great, it gives people opportunities who deserve opportunities, Vince rewards hard work, WWE rewards hard work, so it motivates the rest of the locker room – they’ve seen me go from the bottom of the card to the top.”

On who he feels the most competitive with on the current WWE roster: “At the moment it is Randy Orton, but, I see John Cena – when he returns – as my biggest competition. I have the WWE Championship, which means I’m the face of WWE, and for a long time John Cena is the face of WWE, and I know he’s not going to give up that title as the face of WWE anytime soon. So, I see him coming to challenge, but in the meantime, I’ve Randy Orton, who I have a match with at Money in the Bank and I look to retain my championship.”

On Brock Lesnar being his “dream opponent” in WWE: “I think my dream opponent is Brock Lesnar. Imagine that match – Champion vs Champion, WWE Champion vs Universal Champion. He is my dream opponent because if I can knock off Brock Lesnar that would truly solidify me… I’m the best and let the world know that the WWE Champion is better than Universal Champion.”

Check out the complete Jinder Mahal media conference call at SportsKeeda.com.

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