Joe Hendry Reveals IMPACT Offered Him A Long-Term Deal After His Match With Jason Hotch

IMPACT Wrestling Star Joe Hendry appeared on the Wrestling Is Life Is Wrestling podcast to talk about a number of topics such as how he was initially on a short-term deal with the company, but they would offer him a long-term deal immediately following his return match against Jason Hotch.

Joe Hendry said:

“I have to put over, I can’t put over Jason Hotch enough (for my first singles match back in IMPACT). He is such a Goddamn good worker and he made me look like a million bucks so, and again, it was the night after the big pay-per-view (Bound For Glory) as well and actually, we might be pulling the curtain back a bit here but I came back from that match — so we had the pay-per-view match, number one. Maybe as an agent, this will provide you (Deaner) with some pride. I was on a very short-term deal. Literally came back through the curtain and they told me, ‘We’re tearing up your deal and you’re getting a long-term deal.’ It was on the spot.”

Joe Hendry also talked about how his first meaningful interaction with Deaner is when Deaner would be his agent in his return match in IMPACT Wrestling.

Joe Hendry said:

“The first meaningful interaction (between myself & Deaner) is when you agented my first match in IMPACT, right? Am I right in saying that? You have a trait that I like a lot that not a lot of people have, which when you are asked a question or when you are given a piece of information, most people just talk whereas you go, ‘Mhm,’ and you’re not afraid to pause, think and then answer. So that’s a very good trait. That’s something I noticed.”

You can check out Joe Hendry’s full comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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