Joe Rogan Shoots On CM Punk's Second UFC Fight

Joe Rogan Says CM Punk’s Next Fight Should Be “In Some Amateur Event”

Joe Rogan recently had a lot to say about CM Punk’s venture into the sport of mixed martial arts, his first fight in the Octagon and the placement of his upcoming second bout at UFC 225.

According to the longtime color commentator and standup comedian, who has trained martial arts his whole life, Punk vs. Mike Jackson, which is scheduled on the PPV card for UFC 225 near Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois, should be “in some amateur event somewhere.”

Additionally, Rogan felt that Punk approached his debut against Mickey Gall like a pro wrestler.

“What was really weird watching him walk to the cage is that he was approaching it like a pro wrestling fight,” said Rogan. “Because he had done so many of these pro wrestling matches, that he was walking to the cage with pro wrestling mannerisms.”

Rogan continued, “While I was watching this, I did like an internal head shake like ‘ah f*ck.’ It was a terrible idea. Whoever on his side said you can fight Mickey Gall, you’re out of your f*cking mind. Watch that kid fight once. That kid is very good on the ground.”

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