John Cena Has Major Praise For AEW’s Max Caster

Former 16-time world champion John Cena recently joined Alfred Konuwa of Forbes for a tell-all interview, where Cena spoke about AEW star Max Caster, and what he thinks of the Acclaimed member’s incredible rapping ability that is reminiscent of his rap skills during his early WWE run. Highlights from the interview are below.

Whether he could beat Caster in a rap battle:

“I know of Max Caster very well, and the answer is no,” said Cena when asked if he could beat Caster in a rap battle.

Says Caster is extremely gifted:

“He’s extremely gifted. I remember hearing him for the first time, and asking a good friend of mine to please pass his information on to me. I immediately checked out his raps, out of the blue, and I saw what he was doing was spectacular. I wish him all the best of luck, but I can’t give him any advice because he’s punching far above my weight class. He is very gifted. He’s gifted enough to rhyme to the beat live, where I kind of did my stuff a cappella to let the punchlines sink in.”

How Caster is the better version of what he did when he rapped:

“Hip-hop constantly evolves, and it constantly moves forward, and he is the better version of what I did. He’s really, really spectacular. As long as he keeps everything in realistic perspective, he shows great potential.”

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