John Cena Talks To TMZ Sports

John Cena Talks About Whether Or Not WWE Is Ready For A Transgender Superstar

John Cena once again spoke with TMZ Sports for an interview this week. During his latest discussion with the celebrity gossip website, Cena spoke about intergender matches in WWE.

“Of course I am. I think any story is a good story as long as they’re presented in a decent light,” said Cena.

He then spoke about the recent intergender match he took part in at WWE’s recent event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

“I just had a wonderful intergender experience with my bride-to-be at Madison Square Garden,” Cena said. “So I guess if I can be involved in it, so can anybody else.”

Cena was then asked if WWE is ready for a transgender Superstar.

“I’m a storyteller my friend, and that’s what we do in WWE,” Cena said. “And it’s not segregated to sex, race, creed, religion, any of that. So as long as the story is good, it belongs in WWE.”

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