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John Cena Talks His Origin Of How He Became A WWE Superstar

WWE legend and 16-time World Champion John Cena recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to speak about a variety of topics such as his origin of how he came a WWE Superstar and how it owes it all to Bully Ray for supporting him and dragging him out from the streets of Tokyo.

John Cena said:

“Well, I get excited with potential. I really do get excited with potential and it’s because I think in my origin story, I wasn’t exactly someone that people were betting on. I kind of got hired defensively so I wouldn’t go to WCW for peanuts. I had some people who saw me perform who were advocating to people who didn’t care about my performance, which granted me some opportunities and then I was lucky to have some people who supported me. I remember the first time I kind of experienced, I would say, the ‘WWE life’ was in Japan with you (Bully Ray) by my side and that was my — in my perspective, that was your way of saying, hey, welcome in. This is kind of what we’re about and this is where the secrets are shared and this is where the wisdom is passed and although it may not be your thing, this is our thing and if you wanna be in our family, we’d love to have you but this is kind of the way our family does it and I never got to thank you for that so thank you very much for dragging me out in the streets of Tokyo to have the beginning of what would be a wonderful ride on a lighting bolt.”

John Cena also spoke about his entrance at WrestleMania 39, which included 20 Make-A-Wish children as well as how these types of entrances are special and unique.

John Cena said:

“As long as I’m participating in WWE, the idea to do the Wish Kid WrestleMania entrance, WrestleMania entrances are coveted. They’re special, they’re unique. I have a few unique ones to myself but when production came to me with the idea of, ‘Do you mind sharing the stage? We have this idea.’ ‘Of course.’ You give 20 kids the perspective of the ramp, looking out at a stadium filled with 80-plus-thousand going berserk. That’s not being in the seats. I was a fan for The Undertaker match. I saw both sides. That’s awesome sitting there, but it’s mythical having that WrestleMania entrance being able to do that for a group of people, like take as many as you can, I don’t care how thin my slice of the stage is. Let’s give that perspective to people who enjoy it and yeah, probably could use a little joy in their life.”

You can check out John Cena’s comments at this link. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.

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