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John Cena Talks Secret To His Success, Being A “Goodie-Two-Shoes Superman”

Longtime top WWE Superstar John Cena recently spoke with The Toronto Sun to promote his new film, “The Wall.” Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On what he considers to be the secret behind his drive, motivation and success: “I show up on time, I try to work really, really hard, and I approach everything like it’s the first day on the job. Also, I have a saying: ‘Don’t be an A-hole’ and I’m guided by that. [Laughs]. I just try to be a nice person, treat everyone with respect, and work hard.”

On his wrestling persona being a “Goodie-Two-Shoes Superman” and a role model to kids, and whether or not that’s his main job: “I don’t consider that a job. I consider that a privilege, that I have a message powerful enough to get young people to listen — ‘Never give up.’ And to get them to pay attention to stuff like the impression they leave on people. And sometimes it doesn’t make me the coolest kid in school, but I’m very happy with the message I have to send. Very happy to be a role model.”

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