John Laurinaitis Reportedly Leading WWE’s Talent Relations Department

While not confirmed by WWE (yet), it appears that John Laurinaitis has been inserted back into a leadership position within the Talent Relations department. According to a report by, his new role is said to be that of “General Manager, Talent, and he will report directly to WWE EVP of Operations, Brad Blum. WWE is restructuring the entire talent department into two sub-areas: talent management and talent branding, with the latter being somewhat of an agency that will look to take care of WWE superstars’ third party engagements, such as movies, commercials and appearances.

Laurinaitis previously served as Head of Talent Relations back in 2004, after Jim Ross stepped down from the role. John remained in that spot until 2012, when he left the company. Laurinaitis has since returned, and has been working as a backstage producer, as well as road agent.

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