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John Morrison Talks About Ideas He Pitched That WWE Turned Down

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison recently appeared as a guest on Sean Waltman’s 12360 Podcast. During his appearance on the show, Morrison spoke with Sean Waltman about pitching ideas that WWE ultimately turned down when he worked for the company.

“That was one of the reasons I left (WWE),” said Morrison of WWE turning down his ideas. “I was always having all these ideas… Like every week I’d pitch something like, ‘I want to have a tanning bed match with Shamus, loser gets locked in a tanning bed.’ “No.” I understand why that would be a no. I want to have a Porto Potty match with the Miz, to win you have to close someone in the Porto Potty and knock it over. I pitched these. I pitched all these ideas.”

Morrison continued, “It makes sense why you couldn’t do them… I pitched the tanning bed idea to Vince (McMahon) and he laughed at it. I don’t know if he even thought I was serious. Mundo in Vince McMahon’s voice, “Ha ha ha Shamus is pale ha.” I wanted him (Shamus) to come out looking like Brother Love covered in that red stuff.”

Check out the complete episode of Sean Waltman’s 12360 Podcast featuring the John Morrison interview via iTunes.

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