John Silver (Dark Order No. 4)

John Silver Explains How Brodie Lee Helped Members Of Dark Order Faction During His Time In AEW

AEW star John Silver recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to hype this evening’s edition of Dynamite on TNT, with the entire episode being dedicated to the life of Brodie Lee. Hear what Silver had to say below.

How Brodie Lee helped out members of the Dark Order:

He just went out of his way to help. I won’t forget that, or what he shared with me. Brodie could have taken The Dark Order in any direction he wanted. But all he wanted to do was help us. A lot of people don’t know this, but after that match, Brodie was the one backstage telling everyone that the match was great and that we needed full-time deals, which we ended up signing. That’s just one example. There were so many other little ways he constantly went out of his way to help us. Brodie was an amazing person. I can’t picture him not being here.

How he never wants there to be another Exalted One:

Someone tagged me in that video on Twitter, and watching it has just made me cry. Tony Khan had this idea for us to be like Raven and Stevie Richards. So we had those moments where I’d say he was great and then he’d hit me, or he’d ask me to hold up his belt and then he’d knock me off the apron. Thinking about it just makes me so emotional. I never want there to be another ‘Exalted One.’

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