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John Skyler Talks Significance Of Beating Matt Cardona In His IMPACT Wrestling Debut Match

As noted, John Skyler recently spoke with Wrestling Headlines for an interview to promote this week’s IMPACT Bound For Glory 2021 pay-per-view.

In addition to the highlights we previously published from the interview, the IMPACT Wrestling star also spoke about what it meant to him to beat Matt Cardona in his debut match in the promotion, what about the company attracted him and more.

Featured below are some more excerpts from the new John Skyler interview.

On what it was about IMPACT that attracted him to join their ranks: “I’ve been wrestling for 13 years, I’ve been all over the world. And for the last 13 years, I’ve been told no pretty much by every major wrestling company. And I knew that one day if I just kept grinding and stayed the course that you know, eventually those no’s would become yes’s. And there became a point in my career where it was almost at a crossroads. It’s time to sink or swim. Either I stay the path and let my name John Skyler continue to be received as what it is, or I had the chance to go somewhere and break that perception and become a star and capitalize on opportunities. And really the best fit for me at that time making that decision was Impact Wrestling. I felt like I had a lot to offer. I feel like I still have a lot to offer. And right now more than ever, you know, it could not have worked out better, because I debuted for Impact in front of our first live crowd back with fans. So I didn’t have to debut in an empty arena. I beat Matt Cardona in my debut, I had the great series of matches with Laredo kid right out of the gate. I’m happy with gambling on myself. And that’s a huge thing that guys talk about now is gambling on yourself. You know, Impact Wrestling was the perfect fit for me. And I’m very thankful that I’ve turned a no into a yes. And I’m going to continue to turn those into yes’s. The world doesn’t stop now that I’m signed. Now it just, if anything is the road here, it gets harder.”

On what it meant for him to defeat Matt Cardona in his Impact debut: “It’s all about making a good first impression. And I think that was the best first impression I could have possibly made was defeating somebody that is not only popular in Impact, but popular across the entire wrestling scene. Matt Cardona, you know, to defeat such such an established guy my first night in I mean, it we’re off to the races after that, right? Essentially, I should be a made man. And again, I’m never gonna rest on my laurels. That’s something that a lot of people are going to learn about me very quickly, is you know, I’m not ever going to be content. And probably until the day I leave this earth, I will never be content with what I’m doing. I’m going to constantly try to make steps forward and steps forward and steps forward. And really, Matt Cardona was nothing more than the first stepping stone for John Skyler and Impact Wrestling.If people thought that that was a huge achievement. They haven’t seen nothing yet.”

On how he’s excited to perform for the Impact fans in Las Vegas at Bound For Glory: “I been to Las Vegas a few times. never really got the chance to wrestle on like a wrestling show this size in Las Vegas so it’s going to be a very important night for me. Like I said it’s validation in my career. I’m excited to be on the road and it’s gonna be cool to be somewhere else with Impact Wrestling for a change. Nashville was great, and the Nashville fans, despite them hating my guts, they’re an incredible audience to wrestle in front of, but it’ll be cool to branch out and see what Vegas has to offer for Impact Wrestling and I’m sure that the fans at Sam’s Town live are going to be excited because I know the talent is excited and we’re excited to be kind of spreading our wings again getting out there in the world and performing in front of a different audience. It’s going to be exciting and I’m really thrilled and couldn’t be more ecstatic to be in Vegas the Saturday.”

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