Johnny Gargano Reveals His “Focus” In NXT

During an interview with Fightful Johnny Gargano discussed his current focus in NXT. The brands first ever Triple Crown Champion also spoke about NXT Cruiserweight Champion KUSHIDA, and more. Take a look at the highlights:

Says his focus is to make NXT a top brand:

“I always focus on what I’m doing at the time. In my mind, my goal is to always make NXT the best I could. I take great pride in NXT. I’m sure Tommaso and Adam Cole does as well. Those are the three you always talk about when you think of NXT because we’ve been here the longest. All three of us take great pride in our work in NXT. Not just for ourselves, but we take great pride in elevating others and doing what we can to make others better. That’s the main focus for me; what can I do to prepare the next crop of NXT guys. I do watch a lot of Independent wrestling still and still follow everything and we just signed a great class. There are a ton of guys in the locker room that are very talented and I can’t wait to work with. For me, my position is; yes, I can be the flag bearer and face of NXT, but I can also help get guys ready and prepared to take over for me if I leave, if that happens and whenever it does happen. I want NXT to be the best place possible.”

On elevating the NXT North American Championship, as well as KUSHIDA:

“I wanted the chance to take that title to try and make other guys. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I got to have a long TakeOver match with Kushida, a guy that I thought deserved that more than anyone. I wanted to show the world what Kushida was capable of and I’m so happy I got to show everyone what he’s capable of because now, you see him with the Cruiserweight Title and he’s taking that thing to new heights and a new level. I want to give guys that chance and the opportunity to show what they have because I know there is a ton of talent out there and they just need the opportunity.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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