Jon Bravo Releases Video; No Evidence Against Reigns or Any Other WWE Wrestler

— After weeks of hype and delays (or excuses depending on your perspective), filmmaker Jon Bravo finally released his video Friday on YouTube – one that was supposed to implicate Roman Reigns and possibly up to 15 other wrestlers as customers who bought steroids from convicted dealer Richard Rodriguez.

— When all was said and done, Bravo had zero evidence against Reigns or anyone else really, but said that he only was able to go through one of Rodriguez’s personal laptops as the other devices (reportedly a total of three phones and computers) are in the possession of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Bravo is still claiming that Reigns did make purchases, but under an alias, and that he cannot prove it and conclude his investigation without examining those other devices.

— Bravo also was claiming that he had proof of a former WWE “legend” who placed over 140,000 orders but that also turned into a joke, as the purported individual was actually some trainer who was going by the alias Jesse Ventura rather than Ventura himself.

— Even more bizarre, the end of the video randomly had a couple pictures of The Ultimate Warrior and said that the video was in honor of him.

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