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Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Chris Jericho Heavily Praised By Other AEW Wrestlers

— AEW held a backstage talent meeting prior to Wednesday’s Dynamite show and with Tony Khan not present, the meeting was led by veterans Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley and was attended by other wrestlers, managers, announcers and referees. While the exact nature of what was said is not known, those who were there have “spoke highly of it”, according to

–One wrestler commented that Danielson, Jericho and Moxley were the “right people” to lead such a meeting at the right time given the turmoil that AEW has seen itself since All Out. The three of them stressed to the others to keep personal issues “in house” and solve them within the walls of the locker room rather than leaking them out to the wrestling media, which presumably has exploded over the last couple of months. Plugging up leaks has previously been stressed at past meetings and an email was also sent out to talent discussing that.

— Danielson, Jericho and Moxley were “heavily praised” by others and Jericho in particular was credit as stepping up as a backstage presence after the CM Punk incident at All Out. One wrestler complimented Jericho’s “resolve” and pointed out the way he handled it was a “great example” that he set for the others. Moxley and Danielson are also said to be “adored” in the AEW locker room with Moxley getting credit for coming back after having previously been scheduled to take some time off. Danielson is commended for his friendly, funny demeanor which comes across as “calming” to the other talent.

— The general consensus following the meeting is that the locker room came out of it in good spirits as it improved the backstage atmosphere. While Punk’s tirade following All Out was aimed at criticizing people who either weren’t around or had done nothing, Jericho, Moxley and Danielson were looked at as three wrestlers who have accomplished more than Punk himself has. Others in AEW like Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy and William Regal are also said to be veterans that the young wrestlers can go and get advice or direction from.

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