Jon Moxley/AEW Update (5/26/2019)

Moxley & Cody Flip Off Camera Backstage After Double Or Nothing, Moxley/AEW Merchandise

Jon Moxley has arrived, folks.

The former WWE Superstar known as Dean Ambrose made his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut at Saturday night’s Double Or Nothing 2019 pay-per-view in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moxley appeared after the “ALPHA vs. OMEGA 2” main event between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, coming through the crowd and hitting the ring as the fans inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena went absolutely berserk. He took out Jericho and referee Paul Turner with his Dirty Deeds DDT finisher, before getting into a wild brawl with Omega that ended when Ambrose slammed him off of part of the entrance set.

Soon after his appearance on the PPV broadcast, AEW issued a press release announcing that Jon Moxley has signed a multi-year contract with the promotion.

After the show, Moxley took to social media to post his second tweet since parting ways with WWE last month. The tweet is simply a photo of himself and Cody Rhodes flipping off the camera backstage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena after the Double Or Nothing 2019 PPV.

Additionally, Jon Moxley / AEW merchandise is now available, as Pro Wrestling Tees released the first official Jon Moxley t-shirt. The shirt features a graphic that includes the name “MOX” written on it, with the “O” in Mox being replaced with a hand grenade. The shirt also features the wording, “Unscripted Violence.”

For those who missed the show on Saturday, you can also check out video footage of Moxley’s segment at the AEW PPV, as well as our complete AEW Double Or Nothing Results.

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