Jon Moxley Recalls Brutal Moment During CZW Match

VICE recently released a clip from the upcoming season of Dark Side of the Ring, and a current AEW star discussed a pretty gnarly moment.

During the clip, Jon Moxley recalled a match between himself and Nick Gage, and Moxley revealed that he believed Gage “cut my tongue out. The former WWE and AEW Champion said:

“Our first one-on-one encounter, he (Nick Gage) pulled a pizza cutter. I’m thinking, you know, give me a nice working! I’ll do a little poke and twist, it’s all an illusion. Not so much.” Said Moxley. “He gives me the pizza cutter, the crowd goes “Oh yeah, kill him! Cut his f****** head off!” So he gets excited. I don’t want to just tackle you and start having a real fight here, I’m trying to keep this match on track. We’ve got a good story going here… The crowd’s really into this, please don’t pizza cut the f*** out of my face so much! I just feel the excited energy, I’m like “Oh God no!” He takes the pizza cutter and he puts it in my mouth, and slices it across my mouth. And I’m like, “that motherf***** just cut my tongue out! Is my tongue still attached?!”

Luckily for Jon, the tongue remained intact. To see the clip for yourself, check it out below:

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