Jonathan Coachman Discusses What It Was Like Leaving WWE For ESPN

Former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman was recently a guest on Eric Bischoff’s podcast, where he discussed his departure from WWE. On the latest edition of the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, Coachman described leaving the McMahon empire for ESPN, where he still works as an anchor.

Coachman, who was with WWE from 1999 to 2008, said that ESPN brought him in for an interview while he was still working with WWE. While he was on the way home from the interview, ESPN called him to tell him he got the job. The next week, he says WWE executive Kevin Dunn met with him and they discussed his talks with ESPN.

The Coach says WWE wanted to sign him to a new deal, but he never knew if he would get another opportunity like the ESPN anchor position, so he had to take it. Dunn told Coachman they’d be immediately taking him off the air, but that they weren’t upset with him. WWE replaced Coachman with MIck Foley on SmackDown, and Coachman went home for the birth of his daughter.

Coachman shared a story about WWE calling him in to tape something in the studio after sending him home. When he arrived, there was a big tent set up in the parking lot and they threw him a going away party. Coachman feels that says volumes about the company and the respect they have for each other.

You can listen to the entire podcast with Jonathan Coachman and Eric Bischoff on iTunes.

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