Jonathan Gresham Cusses Out Tony Khan in Backstage Meeting & Asks For Release From AEW/ROH

— As reported earlier today, former ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham has apparently asked for his release from AEW/ROH after expressing extreme dissatisfaction at the creative direction of his character. reports that Gresham met with Tony Khan and others at about 4 PM EST, before Death Before Dishonor, in a conversation that was not only heated but included Gresham “cussing out” Khan with a lot of the wrestlers in the locker room actually being able to hear what was being said.

— The report goes on to note that most of Gresham’s frustration was due to creative and being unable to get to speak with Tony Khan directly until shortly before the PPV as he is the end all when it comes to booking in AEW/ROH. Those aware of the situation stated that they believed Gresham came into the meeting with his mind already made up as he was heated and they believed it to be as a result of his passion towards his beliefs in ROH and himself. Ultimately, Gresham had a vision for his character and it differed from Khan’s, specifically that he wasn’t in favor of turning heel but Khan had visualized that as a piece towards a bigger picture.

— While it is confirmed that Gresham has asked for his release, it is unknown if he was granted it or will be granted it as he just signed a new contract with AEW/ROH only a few months ago.

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