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Jordan Myles (ACH) Issues Public Apology To WWE For Behavior During Alleged Racism Claims

Former WWE NXT wrestler Jordan Myles – also known as ACH in MLW – recently spoke to Submission Squad about his very public breakdown late last year when butting heads with WWE in what appeared to be the design of a t-shirt that he felt had racial overtones.

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On speaking about the design of the t-shirt and claiming to be lied to: “They released that shirt and I got angry. And I made a lot of comments that I’m not going to take back because that’s just how I feel. Now, could I have said them a lot better? Absolutely. Absolutely. I said a lot of things out of anger. If I had said those things a little bit more intelligently and calmly and came from a real place and not an angry place, it would have been okay. But I was just so angry and mad and disrespected and I just feel like a joke. This guy (designer) lied to my face. He said that I approved the shirt when I didn’t approve that shirt. That was another thing that got me hot, when they released the ‘He approved of it.’ No, I didn’t. The dude told me that was Triple H’s vision for me. So how am I supposed to feel if I work for this guy and he thinks that’s what I look like?”

On how he handled the aftermath: “I honestly wish I could have done things differently. I feel like I had people trying to tell me to use mental issues as not as an excuse, but you know, say that’s the thing. You know, ‘your anxiety or your depression…’ to help smooth things over. But I’m not one of those people. I don’t come up with excuses for myself. I was angry… I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, sorry guys, like, mental illness!” because people deal with this stuff in serious ways. That’s a serious issue. I’m not going to publicly say things like that to smooth things over… I had a freaking meltdown in front of the entire world. That’s really what happened. I had a meltdown. I broke down in front of the entire world. The only thing is that people didn’t see me cry…”

“Truth be told, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. I’ll take the blame for this. I could have easily just put the phone down. I could have easily deleted my Twitter app like I normally do. Like, I didn’t have to go on there and say all those things, but I chose to because I was angry, and I felt like I needed to get a lot of stuff off my chest and that’s just not a place to get stuff off your chest. Social media’s just not the place.”

“I want to apologize. I know I could have handled myself correctly toward all of that. I could have been more intelligent and I could have stopped myself. I’m sorry. I feel like I let a lot of fans and people down that supported me. I know I let a lot of people down. That hurts the most. I’m truly sorry.”

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