Josh Mathews Takes Part In Media Call

Josh Mathews Addresses Situation Between Jeff Jarrett & Impact Wrestling

Longtime Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews took part in a media conference call this week, shedding light on multiple subjects related to the promotion.

When asked why the company decided to terminate co-founder Jeff Jarrett, Mathews claimed he wasn’t exactly sure why it happened. He did mention, however, that the company needed to make a decision regarding the subject prior to their “Bound For Glory 2017” pay-per-view on November 5th.

“I’m not privy to when the decision was made,” said Mathews. “I was told when you guys were told, probably a little bit beforehand.”

Mathews continued, “I think if you look at it logically, and if you look at everything that was happening from when we made the original announcement about the time of being away for a while, I think a final decision had to be made before Bound For Glory, before were were going to get up to Ottawa. The decision was made when it was made, and now we can move forward with what we’re trying to do with Impact.”

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