Josh Mathews interview highlights

Josh Mathews Elaborates On Comments About Being Best Announcer

Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews recently appeared as a guest on The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his belief that Impact Wrestling deserves more credit for U.K. talent: “You can give us credit for the Mandrews of the world and putting Grado on a worldwide platform and all of guys that have come from there over here, I think we’ve done incredible things with them. It’s allowed them to grow as individuals and grow as talent and we all help each other.”

On his comments earlier this year about being the best play-by-play announcer in the business right now: “100% [I stand by it] and if you go back and watch that interview, I also talked about wanting video games and action figures and stuffed animals and worldwide tours and bigger venues and live events but people stuck to that one thing and I don’t know why. If you’re in any profession, if you don’t think you’re the best, then you should do something else for a living. …I should feel I’m the best play-by-play announcer in the world and quite frankly, it’s true, because if you watch these shows, nobody can do what I do at the level that I do it in 2017.”

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