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Josh Mathews On Impact Wrestling Compared To WWE, Losing Top Stars

Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews recently spoke with the folks at Sportskeeda for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On what it’s like working for Impact Wrestling compared to WWE: “Here there’s a little more freedom, a little more leeway, a little more opportunity. The potential for growth is so much more. WWE is a well-oiled machine that’s been around for so many years. We’re about half their age when you look at the 15th Anniversary of Slammiversary taking place on Sunday, July 2nd. So, we’re not trying to replicate them but do our thing in the same sort of entertainment world.”

On Impact Wrestling expanding in the market in India: “India is super important to Impact Wrestling. I don’t know if I can say it any differently. It’s super important. We love being on Sony Six and love building the relationship and love our tremendous fan base there.

On some top stars leaving Impact Wrestling: “You know, the wrestling business has always been…I won’t say a revolving door…there’s loyalties and things like that but…it’s just the way this business goes. You don’t stay in one place forever. Guys are going to test the waters at other places and see how that feels. Others are going to come and test the waters here, and that’s one of the most exciting things about being in the business that you have those opportunities.”

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