Josh Matthews: “Total Nonstop Deletion Is Better Than Any WrestleMania I’ve Witnessed”

TNA’s highly-anticipated Total Nonstop Deletion show featuring “tag teams from all over space and time” airs on Thursday, and Josh Matthews took to Twitter this week to make a very bold statement about the show.

The former WWE and current TNA announcer says that after seeing only 30 seconds of the Total Nonstop Deletion show, he already ranks it above WWE’s biggest annual pay-per-view.

“I’ve seen :30 of #TotalNonstopDELETION and… OH. MY. GOD,” Matthews wrote. “For perspective… It’s better than any wrestlemania I’ve been to or witnessed.”

The episode, airing on December 15th on Pop TV, will feature a “Tag Team Apocalypse” match that Jeremy Borash claims teams under contract to other companies will show up for. The episode, which is being promoted by Pop TV as the “biggest Impact event of all time,” will also feature the “in-ring debut” of Matt Hardy’s infant son Maxel.


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