Kairi Sane Tells Story About Scary Incident That Hospitalized Her (6/2/2019)

Kairi Sane Shares Story About Scary Incident That Sent Her To Emergency Room (Photos)

Kairi Sane recently shared a story, and some photos, that will have people talking.

The WWE Superstar took to Twitter on Sunday morning to share a story about being rushed to the emergency room a few months ago due to anaphylactic shock.

Sane says that she was able to overcome the scary incident due to the support of her friend Io Shirai, who accompanied her in the ambulance. She also released a series of photos, one in her hospital bed, and the other posing next to Shirai signifying their friendship.

“Actually a few months ago, I went to the ER due to anaphylactic shock,” Sane revealed via her official Twitter page this morning. “I was able to overcome it because my best friend, [Io Shirai], helped me. She held my hand in the ambulance and continued to encourage me.”

Sane concluded, “It’s thanks to you that I am who I am today.”

Check out Sane’s tweet, which includes an intense photo of her in critical condition in the emergency room below.

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