Kane Says SmackDown Being Two-Hours Gives It An Edge Over RAW, Talks Longevity In WWE

Former WWE World Champion Kane was recently in UK and spoke to Top Rope Press about his longevity in the business and WWE’s current programming. Kane, who has been with WWE since 1995, says the key to longevity in the wrestling business is reinventing your character.

“If you look at guys like Shawn Michaels, HHH and TheUndertaker, the reason why they are around so long is because they keep things interesting and hopefully I have been able to do it as well,” Kane said. “A lot of it is because of being open to change. […] Especially if you see the Team Hell No stuff I did with Daniel Bryan, it’s a significant departure from when I first started.”

Kane is currently a member of the SmackDown roster, and noted that he prefers the two-hour show to RAW’s three hours. He feels the brand split has helped SmackDown the most, and that fans have been very receptive to the split.

“I like the two hour format much better than the three hour format,” he said. “I think it’s incredibly hard to produce that sort of content every week. I think Raw has a disadvantage being a three hour show as opposed to SmackDown. In that respect, SmackDown is going places where it was not able to go in the earlier years.”

You can watch Kane’s entire interview here.

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