Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson Talks Differences Between Tough Schedules In WWE & NJPW

One-half of the reigning RAW World Tag-Team Champions Karl Anderson recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio. During the interview, The Club member spoke about the differences between the rough schedules in WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

“It’s a different kind of rough. Sometimes I’d be in Japan for six straight weeks, then I’d come home for nine days, then go back on the road for a month. It’d be cool to be home for nine days, but I’d be gone from the United States for a month and a half sometimes, almost two months. The WWE has been cool because I get to come home every single week. I’m home two or three days a week and I get to take my kids to the school bus and pick my kids up from school, and they get to see daddy weekly man. I get to be home a lot more. It’s a grind because you’re flying weekly and you’re on the road four days a week, but no matter what I get to be home every week and it’s – I’m used to the travel, it’s what I do. It is what it is and it’s okay.”

Additionally, Anderson spoke about the perception from some that WWE’s schedule would be rougher than NJPW’s.

“It really is cool and people thought that it’s busier with WWE, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a busy schedule, but when I would leave sometimes I knew I was gonna leave for six weeks. To go to Japan for a month or for six weeks, that’s hard to tell your four year old son. Then he starts to cry and you have to wipe his tears away, and you get this feeling in your stomach that ‘I’m not gonna see my kids for a month.’ That’s a long time, man. Every month after we go to LA, after we go to California, we go to Germany for a week; man I’m gonna be gone for nine or ten days. But man, nine or ten days is nothing compared to what I used to do, so I get to come home. And being home weekly is really cool man.”

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