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Karrion Kross Says Bray Wyatt Is At Top Of His List Of People He Wants To Work With

Karrion Kross wants to work with Bray Wyatt.

He’s at the top of his list of dream opponents to work with in WWE.

“Of course it’s Bray Wyatt [that’s at the top of the list for me],” Kross said during a recent interview with the UK Mirror. “If you don’t want to work with him, you’re crazy.”

Kross continued, “I’ve always had a very strong admiration for his creativity. I feel like he opens doors, not only for fans, literally, but he opens up new avenues for us to create for everyone as performers. When he dares to do something different, it just brings more possibilities. One of my favorite quotes, especially growing up, was the old saying ‘anything can happen in the WWE’ and when he’s around it’s totally true.”

Check out the complete Karrion Kross interview by visiting Mirror.co.uk.

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