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Karrion Kross to Get Title Shot Against Roman Reigns; USA Network Lobbies WWE For World Title

— Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) returned to WWE last night on Friday Night Smackdown, immediately inserting himself into storylines as a major player and possible contender for Roman Reigns. According to fightfulselect.com, one of the ideas that has been discussed backstage is for Kross to be inserted into the Reigns-Drew McIntyre feud, subsequently getting a title shot against Reigns, but only for one of his championships rather than both.

— The report goes onto state that the USA Network specifically has let it be known to WWE that they would like to see a top title featured on their Monday program more frequently as Reigns has barely been on the show ever since he won the WWE Title at WrestleMania. A separate USA Network pitch even threw out the idea of having an interim title on Raw, though it’s unclear whether that suggestion was even seriously considered by WWE. It’s also not known if Kross’ involvement in the Reigns/McIntyre storyline is ultimately leading to a creative way to take one of the titles off of Reigns, perhaps without letting him get pinned cleanly.

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