Kayla Braxton

Kayla Braxton Blasts Online Fans Who Criticize & Insult Talent

Kayla Braxton has had enough of the toxic elements within the wrestling fan community on social media.

The WWE broadcast team member expressed her frustration on Twitter (X), addressing a specific segment of the online wrestling audience. She defined the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) as individuals who criticize their work, bodies, personalities, and more, despite their dedication to perfecting their craft and entertaining the audience week after week. Kayla emphasized that when they respond to such criticism, they are labeled as intolerable. She also pointed out that while there are some positive individuals in the IWC, the negative ones can tarnish the experience for everyone.

In a subsequent post, she made it clear that she doesn’t seek negativity when using social media. In a world already divided and filled with problems, she strives to create a positive and humorous space on her feed. While she appreciates playful banter, she wishes it could be without ill intent, advocating for kindness and respect among all users.

Kayla Braxton’s thoughts on the matter are evident in her posts below:

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