Kayla Braxton

Kayla Braxton Talks About Joining NXT Broadcast Team

Kayla Braxton, the female addition to the NXT announce team, recently spoke with WWE.com for an in-depth interview.

During the discussion, Braxton was asked how her experience in NXT has been since joining the broadcast team back in October.

“Absolutely surreal,” said Braxton. “If you told me a year ago while I was working in a newsroom that I’d be working for WWE, I would have laughed at you. And now, I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else.”

Having worked in television broadcasting prior to joining the WWE Universe, Braxton was also asked to compare her work as part of the NXT broadcast team to her past experiences in television.

“Coming from a newsroom, where I predominately speak to a camera, to WWE and speaking in front of thousands of people live, it gives me a high,” said Braxton. “It’s absolutely indescribable. Yes, at times I’ve been nervous, but it was the excited kind of nervous. There are so many eyeballs waiting for you to tell the story of these Superstars they’ve come to watch, and you better do a darn good job if you want to be accepted by the WWE Universe.”

Braxton continued, “But I will say, the fans of this company have been so welcoming, so encouraging and so loyal, and I am so honored they have allowed me to be their host and ring announcer for the last several months.”

Check out the complete Kayla Braxton interview at WWE.com.

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